Forum Report 2009

The 18th NCSLI-Japan Technical Forum Report
 The 7th Joint Lecture Meeting of Calibration and Standard Forum (The 18th NCSLI-Japan Technical Forum) was held on Thurs., Oct. 30nd, 2009, at Ota-ku Industrial Plaza (PiO) in Tokyo.

 In the beginning on the day, opening remarks was given by Mr. Shigenobu Watanabe, of METI, followed by a keynote speech by Mr. Tomoyuki Nagamura, of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., by general session. The theme of the speech was “Measurement of GHGs (Green House Gas)for Climate Change”, mentioned about the role that measurement plays for measures to address climate change. Then, 14 lectures were held in two conference halls including 6 sessions, also the poster sessions by NMIJ and the participation organization, and the exhibition of measurement instruments. The tutorial seminar was also held with the NMIJ metrology club. Most of participants could exchange and share information each other.

 Along with last year, this year’s over 350 participants show that a high interest to the metrology and measurement field and in this forum. The forum finished successfully this year supported by the lecturers, participants and many operational cooperators. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone concerned this event.
The keynote speechGiving a lecture(1)
Giving a lecture(2)Giving a lecture(3)
Giving a lecture(4)Paper presenters gathered with NCSLI-J board members
The poster sessionAt the reception