Forum Report 2011

National Conference of Standards Laboratories
International of Japan's 20th Technical Forum Report
 The combined 20th NCSLI-Japan Technical Forum and 9th Conference on Metrology Forum was held on Friday, November 4th, 2011, at Ota-ku Industrial Plaza (PiO) in Tokyo.

 With such a history this Forum is indeed a thriving event. As with previous forums, NCSLI-Japan held 8 lectures and a general session that included the 20th anniversary speech given by Mr. Kazumi Hayakawa, NCSLI-J Chairman. Additionally there were poster sessions and seminars by NMIJ.

 On the fourth floor of the convention hall there was an exhibition of measuring equipment. 15 exhibits from a variety of product and service providers displayed their products and discussed a wide range of metrology applications.

This year there are over 380 participants attending this measurement and standards forum. With such an attendance, it was evident that there is a strong interest in metrology, and test and measurement. This forum was very successful. Much of this was due to the contributions of the many voluntary supporters, the lecturers, and participants. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their participation and hope to see you all at the Forum next year.
Giving a 20th anniversary speechGiving a lecture(1)
Giving a lecture(2)Giving a lecture(3)
Paper presenters gathered with NCSLI-J board membersThe exhibition
At the receptionSocial session

[1] NCSLI-Japan 20th Anniversary
・・・ NCSLI-Japan

[2] Calibration and Uncertainty of Radiation Meter

[3] Demonstration of e-Trace in gas flow measurement
-Efficiency of manufacturing process with e-Trace-
・・・Kimmon Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

[4] Self-Calibratable Rotary encoder (SelfA)

[5] Development of ultrastable or ultra-stable resistance standard
・・・Alpha Electronics Corp.

[6] Information sharing in measuring instruments and adminstrative apparatus operation
・・・Met/ Cal Co.,Ltd

[7] Approach to the expansion of our scope of accreditation and will start new calibration services
・・・ ORIX Rentec Corporation

[8] A constant challenge to obtain JCSS accreditation
・・・Agilent Technologies International Japan, Ltd.