Forum Report 2012

 The 21st NCSLI-Japan Technical Forum along with the NMIJ metrology seminar, under the auspices of the Japan Measurement Forum (JMF), was held on Friday, November 9th, 2012, at Ota-ku Industrial Plaza (PiO) in Tokyo with over 300 participants.

 It was the 10th year of JMF’s Symposium where NCSLI Japan and NMIJ have collaborated to hold the Japan’s largest metrology symposium. With the years of history we continue to thrive to make the event meaningful to those in the field of metrology. Seven papers were presented at NCSLI-Japan session and another seven papers at NMIJ session. And there were also poster sessions and exhibitions hosted.

 On the first floor of the Exhibition Hall there was an exhibition of test and measurement equipment. 15 organizations exhibited a variety of products and services, displaying their products and discussing a wide range of metrology applications. With such an attendance, it was evident that there were strong interests in metrology, and test and measurement. The forum was very successful, and much of this was due largely to ardent voluntary supporters, the lecturers, and participants.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended for your support and participation, and hope to see you all at the Forum next year.
Giving a lecture(1)Giving a lecture(2)
Giving a lecture(3)Giving a lecture(4)
Paper presenters gathered with NCSLI-J board membersThe exhibition
At the receptionSocial session

[1] Calibration of Radiation Thermometer from -30℃ to 100℃ using Radiance Temperature

[2] Automatic calibration of the multimeter using the scanner
・・・SunJEM Co.,Ltd.

[3] Microphone Calibration using Coupler and Actuator Method
・・・Bruel & Kjar

[4] Validation of New Large-Value Capacitance Measuring System
 -Mutual Comparison with Standard Capacitor 100 μF and 1 mF calibrated by
National Physical Laboratory and Murata Mfg. Co., Ltd.-
・・・ Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

[5] Economic impact of equivalence of measurement standards

[6] Calibration and Uncertainty of Glass electrode type pH electrodes

[7] Round comparison measurement of high resistance (1GΩ,10GΩ)
 to aim at technology exchange
・・・ Azbil Corporation