Forum Report 2014

 The 23rd NCSLI-Japan Technical Forum was held on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014, at Ota-ku Industrial Plaza (PiO) in Tokyo.

 Unlike last year's forum that was held in collaboration with other organizations, this year's forum was held independently by NCSLI-Japan, featuring 8 lectures and exhibitions of test and measurement instruments in the Convention Hall on 4F, there many participants enjoyed friendly time and exchange of information.

 Also, this year's number of participation being over 170, it was evident that there was a strong interest in metrology, and test and measurement this forum has been addressing. The forum ended very successfully, which was operated by many voluntary supporters, the lecturers, and participants. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have participated in this event.
Giving a lecture(1)Giving a lecture(2)
Giving a lecture(3)Giving a lecture(4)
Giving a lecture(5)Giving a lecture(6)
The exhibition(1)The exhibition(2)
Paper presenters gathered with NCSLI-J board membersSocial session

[1] Researches on the Quantum current standard in NMIJ

[2] Automatic Linearity Calibration of High Accuracy Multi-meters
・・・SunJEM Co.,Ltd

[3] Fluke 5730A product overview and the features
・・・TFF Cooperation Fluke Company

[4] International Comparison Test and Uncertainty Study of Short-time Alternating High-current Measurement
・・・ Hitachi, Ltd.

[5] Interlaboratory Comparison of high frequency attenuation

[6] Calibration and uncertainty of vacuum gauge

[7] JCSS calibration of Bridge Calibration Unit (BN100A) and Digital Precision Measuring Amplifier (DMP40)
 〜AC voltage ratio standard for strain gage measurement〜

[8] Method of evaluation of repeatability uncertainty in case of not repeating measurement
・・・Azbil Corporation