Forum Report 2015

 The 24th Annual NCSLI-Japan Technical Forum was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Ohta-ku Industrial Plaza on November 10, 2015 under auspices of the Japan Measurement Standards Forum and NMIJ/AIST.

 There were 145 registered participants, and 14 exhibitors who exhibited their products and services.
Giving a lecture(1)Giving a lecture(2)
Giving a lecture(3)Giving a lecture(4)
Giving a lecture(5)Giving a lecture(6)
At the receptionPaper presenters gathered with NCSLI-J board members
The exhibition(1)The exhibition(2)
The exhibition(3)Social session
The following papers were presented at the NCSLI-Japan session:

[1] ISO Standardization for "Quantities and Units"
・・・ By Mitsuru Tanaka, NMIJ/AIST

[2] Approach for Solution of Distribution Trouble of Measurement Instruments
・・・By Kazuaki Kawaguchi, Shinyei Testing Machinery Co., LTD.

[3] Advantage of Automated Calibration relating to ISO17025
・・・Shinobu Kubota, Mebius Corporation

[4] Accurate measurement of the Avogadro constant by isotope enrichment of silicon
・・・ By Kenichi Fujii, NMIJ/AIST

[5] Introduction and application of Fluke Infrared Camera TiX1000 series
・・・By Eiji Murai, Fluke Japan

[6] Calibration of Surface Contamination meter, and Case Study on Uncertainty Evaluation
・・・By Makoto Takashima, JQA

[7] The magnetic standard of JEMIC
・・・ By Kenichi Nonaka , JEMIC

The folloing organizations had a booth to show their products and services:

Alpha Electronics Corporation
Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd.
Bruel & Kjaer
Fluke Japan
Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation (JEMIC)
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Key Techno Co., Ltd
MI Japan
Ohte Giken, Inc.
Sankyo International Corporation
Shinyei Technology Co., Ltd.
Yamari Industries, Ltd.
Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation
The forum was organized by the following dedicated volunteers with many other helpers:

Akiu Yamazaki, Keysight Technologies International
Hisao Nishiyama, Yokogawa Rental & Lease Co.
Jun Ode, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute-retired
Katsuhiko Setsurakku, Key Techono Co. Ltd.
Katsuya Sato, NMIJ-retired
Kazumi Hayakawa, Fluke Japan
Keiko Sato, JQA
Makoto Sata, Yamari Industries, Ltd.
Masayuki Hamashita, JEMIC
Megumi Ono, ORIX Rentec Co.
Mitsuo Ishii, Metcal Co., Ltd.
Naoto Kawabe, Fluke Japan
Shinnichi Shibata, Shinyei Technology Co., Ltd.
Shiori Komatsu, ORIX Rentec Co.
Tadashi Miyamoto, Toyo Keisokuki Co., Ltd.
Takashi Togo, ORIX Rentec
Takeharu Nishi, Yokogawa Rental & Lease Co.
Tomoyuki Uchida, Freelance
Toru Yamaguchi, Asbil Corporation
Toyoharu Sasajima, Toyo Tech Co., Ltd.
Yoshinobu Kasumi, Yokogawa Electric Corporation 
Yukiko Hasegawa, JEMIC