Forum Report 2016

 The 25th Annual NCSLI-Japan Technical Forum was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Ohta-ku Industrial Plaza on November 2, 2016 under auspices of the Japan Measurement Standards Forum and NMIJ/AIST.

 This year, it was the 25th anniversary. 8 lectures and the exhibition of the measuring instrument were done and many persons communicated. There were over 140 registered participants, and 14 exhibitors who exhibited their products and services.
Giving a lecture(1)Giving a lecture(2)
Giving a lecture(3)Giving a lecture(4)
Paper presenters gathered with NCSLI-J board membersThe exhibition

[1] Unified schemes of diverse metrology, illustrated

[2] Building an automatic calibration system for digital oscilloscopes with scanner
・・・ORIX Rentec Co., LTD.

[3] Renewal of RF & MW Power Calibration system
・・・Keysight Technologies International Japan G.K.

[4] Calibration of radiation thermometer and its proper use for temperature measurement

[5] Calibration using the Self-Balancing High Resistance Bridge

[6] The result of Time and Frequency Interlaboratory comparison
・・・JEITA/NEC Management Partner, Ltd.

[7] Calibration of screw ring gauge by CNC contour measuring machine
・・・ JQA

[8] Weighing Instruments for Performance Management based on Measurement Uncertainty
・・・ Mettler-Toledo K.K.