Forum Report 2017

 The 26th Annual NCSLI-Japan Technical Forum was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Ohta-ku Industrial Plaza on November 8, 2017 under auspices of the Japan Measurement Standards Forum and NMIJ/AIST.

 This year, 8 lectures and the exhibition of the measuring instrument were done and many persons communicated. There were over 160 registered participants, and 14 exhibitors who exhibited their products and services.
Giving a lecture(1)Giving a lecture(2)
Giving a lecture(3)Giving a lecture(4)
The exhibitionPaper presenters gathered with NCSLI-J board members

[1] Electromagnetic Wave Measurement and Antenna Calibration Technique

[2] Testing of sound power level and estimation of uncertainty

[3] Development of a calibration system for irradiance and radiance with laser light sources
・・・Hioki E.E. Corporation

[4] DC Current Comparator, History and Applications
・・・ Guildline Instruments Limited

[5] Providing weighing solution of Microgram-weight for sub-milligram field

[6] Measurement of size-of-source effect of near-infrared radiation thermometers, and estimation of effective source diameter of fixed-point black-bodies.

[7] Humidity standard system in Azbil and knowledges for relative humidity measurement
・・・ Azbil Corporation

[8] Revision progress of ISO/IEC 17025
・・・ NITE