NCSL International Japan Region Report 2004

  The 13th Annual NCSLI-Japan Forum was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Ohta-ku Industrial Plaza on November 5, 2004, with 515 attendees. This year’s forum was organized as The Japan Measurement Standards Forum Second Symposium in collaboration with NMIJ, NITE, JAMP, JEMIC, JMIF, and JQA, under auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. There were six major sessions: (1) Accreditation (2) Calibration, Measurement and Management (3) National Measurement Standards (4) Traceability and Users (5) Legal Metrology (6) International
Image1:Dr. Seta presents the keynote speech.

 The forum was opened with the special guest speaker, Mr. Dave Agy, President of NCSL International. He gave a talk entitled “New Publications from NCSLI. After his talk Accreditation Session, Calibration, Measurement and Management Session, and National Measurement Standards Session were held in parallel in the morning. The afternoon sessions were opened with the greeting wards from Mr. Yuji Tokumasu of METI, and the keynote speech entitled “Trend in the Fields of Standards and Conformance and the Role of Metrology” by Dr. Katsuo Seta of IAJapan/NITE, followed by Traceability and Users Session, Calibration, Measurement and Management Session, Legal Metrology Session, and International Session.

Image2:Mr. Ode, Vice Chairman of NCSLI Japan, played a very important role in organizing this forum.
There were 17 organizations in the exhibitors hall showing their products and services.

Image3:Exhibitor’s booth allows the attendees to look at new equipment and services, and to talk with knowledgeable factory experts. Image4:Most of the forum directors being called up to front row for recognition of their hard work.
Image5:NCSLI Japan directors and honorable paper presenters gather for a final photograph. It takes a LOT of dedicated workers to roll out an effective symposium for 516 attendees. Very impressive indeed.
Image6:Mr. Sugiyama wins a door prize.  
The following papers were presented in the sessions:
Accreditation Session:

  Activities of the JCSS Accredited Laboratories Group
    By Katsuya Sato of Japan Association for Metrology Promotion

  Survey of the Customer Satisfaction at the Assessment of the JCSS
    By Hiromi Murata of IAJapan/NITE

  Uncertainty Evaluation in International Comparison
    By Hideo Onuki of Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment

Calibration, Measurement and Management Session:

   Verification of Measuring Instrument for Environmental Monitoring
    By Tatsuya Mogi of Japan Quality Assurance Organization

  Needs of Environment Measurement in a Field of Foods Recycling Process
    By Tsutomu Tsuchiya of Yamatake Corporation

  Environmental Improvement by Plasma and its Measurement
    By Toru Iwao of Musashi Institute of Technology

  Recent Trends and Future Prospects in High-Temperature Standards
    By Yoshiro Yamada of NMIJ, AIST

  Study of the Characteristics of Metal-Sheathed Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers and Secondary Platinum Resistance Thermoneters
    By Mingjian Zhao of Hart Scientific

  Calibration of the Pressure Balance
    By Kazumasa Tsukada of Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd.

  DMM’s Automated Calibration by MET/CAL Plus
    By Kazuhiko Maeda of ORIX Rentec Corporation

  The Design of an Impedance Scaling Fixture for Low Impedance Measurement
    By Akiu Yamazaki of Agilent Technologies

National Measurement Standards Session:

   DC and Low Frequency Electrical Standards
    By Shogo Kiryu of NMIJ/AIST

  Development and Calibration Services of Electromagnetic Field Standars
    By Masanobu Hirose of NMIJ/AIST

  Reference Materials for Nanotechnology
    By Isao Kojima of NMIJ/AIST

  Optical Frequency Standards at Telecommunication Band and its Applications
    By Atsushi Onae of NMIJ/AIST

Traceability and Users Session:

   An Economic Effect of Traceability
    By Shigemitsu Kuwayama of Mettler-Toledo K.K.

  Product Conformity Testing and Traceability
    By John Ologbosere of TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd.

  Regarding Maintenance of Measurement Equipment for Aircraft
    By Masaru Takei of Tokyo Aircraft Instrument Co., Ltd.

  The result of Laser Power Inter-Laboratory Comparison
    By Toshio Yamazaki of Anritsu Customer Services Ltd.

  2006: The Year of Change in Europe
    By Pieter van Breugel of NMI Certin B.V.

Legal Metrology Session:

   New Approach for Measurement Law and JIS
    By Daisuke Kobayashi of Weights and Measures Policy Office, METI

  Clinical Electrical Thermometers with Maximum Device and Clinical Thermometers (Mercury-in-Glass, with Maximum Device)
    By Masami Horita of NMIJ/AIST

  Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument
    By Masahiko Morikawa of Tokyo Weights and Measures Association

International Session:

   Mutual Recognition in Laboratory Accreditation (ILAC and APLAC-MRA)
    By Yoshinobu Uematsu of APLAC-PTC (IAJapan/NITE)

  Mutual Recognition in Metrology Standards (CIPM-MRA) and Role of Asia-Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP)
    By Takashi Usuda of APMP (NMIJ/AIST)

  Mutual Recognition Arrangements by Government between Japan-EU and Japan-Singapore
    By Tadashi Yamada, MRA Office, METI

The folloing organizations had a booth to show their products and services:

・Agilent Technologies
・Alpha Electronics Corporation
・Fluke Corporation
・Hayashi Denkko Co., Ltd.
・Japan Association for Metrology Promotion
・Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation
・Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
・Japan Measurement Instruments Federation
・Japan Quality Assurance Organization
・Key Techno Co., Ltd
・National Metrology Institure of Japan, AIST
・National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
・Nippon Netsudenki Seisakusho Co.
・ORIX Rentec Corporation
・Traceability Research Association
・Yamari Industrial Ltd.
・Yokogawa Electric Corporation
The forum was organized by the following dedicated volunteers with many other helpers:

・Akiu Yamazaki, Agilent Technology Japan
・Jun Ode, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology and Research Institute
・Hidetoshi Nakano, NMIJ
・Hisao Nishiyama, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
・Katsuhiko Setsurakku, Key Techono Co. Ltd.
・Katsumi Yokoi, Agilent Technology Japan
・Katsuya Sato, JAMP
・Makoto Sata, Yamari Industries, Ltd.
・Masanori Sakairi, JMIF
・Mitsuo Ishii, Metcal Co., Ltd.
・Motoaki Shibano, Yokogawa Electronics Manufacturing
・Naomi Ito, JMIF
・Nofumi Ochiai, JQA
・Norio Ishizaki, NITE
・Shigeaki Hatakeyama, JEMIC
・Shigeru Suematsu, JEMIC
・Takashi Sugiyama, JQA
・Takashi Togo, ORIX Rentec
・Takeharu Nishi, Yokogawa Rental & Lease Co.
・Takeshi Ito, NMIJ
・Takeo Chiba, NMIJ
・Tetsuo Takita, NMIJ
・Toshihide Ihara, NMIJ
・Toshihiko Kamikite, Fluke
・Tsutomu Tsuchiya, Yamatake Corporation
・Yasuhiro Niwano, NITE
・Yoshiharu Horikawa, JEMIC
・Yoshinobu Kasumi, Yokogawa Electric Corporation
・Yoshitaka Kato, Caltech Co.