NCSL International Japan Region Report 2005

  The 14th Annual NCSLI-Japan Forum was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Ohta-ku Industrial Plaza on November 25, 2005, with approximately 450 attendees. The forum was organized as The Japan Measurement Standards Forum Third Symposium, and operated by NCSLI Japan and NMIJ in collaboration, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Other participating organizations were NITE, JAMP, JEMIC, JQA, JMIF, FAA, CERI, JAB, JSA, JEMIMA, JEMA, JEITA, JAPIA, JTM, JMCT, JEMCA, MMRN. There were six major sessions: (1) Accreditation (2) Calibration, Measurement and Management (NCSLI-J) (3) National Measurement Standards (NMIJ) (4) Traceability and Users (5) Legal Metrology (6) International  

 The forum was opened with greeting message by Mr. Masahiko Yoshida of METI, followed by a special guest speech entitled “Measurement in the automotive industry” by Mr. Keiichi Murata, VP of Nissan Motors. The Accreditation Session, the Calibration, Measurement and Management Session, and the Legal Metrology Session were held in parallel in the morning; in the afternoon, The National Metrology Institute session, the NCSLI-J session, the Traceability and Users Session, and International Session.

There were 19 organizations in the exhibitors hall showing their products and services.

The following papers were presented in the sessions:
Accreditation Session:

  Realization for “Open Door” JCSS
    By Hiromi Murata of IAJapan/NITE

  The Revision of New ISO/IEC 17025 and Perspective to Remote-Calibrartion
    By Yoshinobu Uematsu of IAJapan/NITE

  Accreditation of ASNITE-Calibration for thermal conductivity reference plate
    By Tetsuo Fujimoto of Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials

Calibration, Measurement and Management Session:

   Introduction to Assets and Calibration Management Solution Service
    By Atsushi Fujima of ORIX Rentec Co.

  The Certification of the Traceability of Anritsu Customer Services Co., Ltd.
    By Masao Nakamura of Anritsu Customer Services Co., Ltd.

  Design of the Pressure Calibration Manual with an Animation Technology
    By Toru Yamaguchi of Yamatake Corporation

  Introduction of Frequency JCSS Calibration System
    By Masuru Sanoh of Agilent Technology International Co.

  Calibration of Standard Microscale with an Optical Diffraction Pitch Calibration Apparatus
    By Junichiro Kitta of Japan Quality Assurance Organization

  JCSS Calibration and its Equipment for the Temperature range between -40 ℃ and 1,100 ℃
    By Ryuji Fujiwara of Yamari Industry, Ltd.

  Introduction of the Traceability and Calibration System of the High Precision Wattmeter
    By Atsushi Yoshizawa of Yokogawa Electric Corporation

  The Wattmeter Calibration System with the instrument Transformer
    By Hitoshi Ooizumi of Yokogawa Rental & Lease Corporation

  Building the Metrology Standard Across the Pacific Ocean Case of 4TP Capacitance Standard (1960 to 2010)
    By Katsumi Yokoi of Agilent Technology International Co.

National Metrology Institute Session:

   Inductance Standards at NMIJ
    By Akihiko Yonenaga of NMIJ/AIST

  Calibration Methods and Uncertainty Evaluations of RF Power Meters Development
    By Kazuhiro Shimaoka of NMIJ/AIST

  Laser Power and Optical Attenuation Standards
    By Michiyuki Enod of NMIJ/AIST

  Generation of Time and Frequency Standard and Calibration Service Systems in NMIJ
    By Michito Imai of NMIJ/AIST

  Realization of the International Temperature Scale and Its Calibration Services in Low Temperature Region at NMIJ
    By Toru Nakano of NMIJ/AIST

  Development of NMIJ CRMs on Plastics in Response to RoHS Directive
    By Akiharu Hioki of NMIJ/AIST

Legal Metrology Session:

   Outline of Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)
    By Hiroaki Morinaka of NMIJ/AIST

  Overview of Software Examination in MID
    By Satoru Matsuoka of NMIJ/AIST

Traceability and Users Session:

   Economic Impact of Traceability in Metrology
    By Katsuya Sato of Japan Association for Metrology Promotion

  What is a measurement uncertainty? Easy to understand “Concept of the seminar of uncertainty for beginners, and its dissemination acitivity”
    By Shigeaki Hatakeyama of Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation

  High frequency attenuation inter laboratory comparison
    By Toshio Yamazaki of Anritsu Customer Services Co., Ltd.

International Session:

   Activities of Conformity Assessment-related ISO standards and their relationship with calibration business
    By Mamoru Sumimoto of IA Japan/NITE)

  Current status of CIPM-MRA
    By Ichiro Fujima of NMIJ/AIST

  The present situation on the measurement standard field in China
    By Kiyokazu Miyazaki of Panasonic Mobile Communications Engineering Co., Ltd.

The folloing organizations had a booth to show their products and services:

・Agilent Technologies
・Alpha Electronics Corporation
・Fluke Corporation
・IQUANTUM Corporation
・Japan Association for Metrology Promotion
・Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation
・Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
・Japan Measurement Instruments Federation
・Japan Quality Assurance Organization
・Key Techno Co., Ltd
・National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
・Nippon Netsudenki Seisakusho Co.
・Ohte Giken, Inc.
・ORIX Rentec Corporation
・Shin Ei
・Traceability Research Association
・Yamari Industrial Ltd.
・Yokogawa Electric Corporation
The forum was organized by the following dedicated volunteers with many other helpers:

・Akiu Yamazaki, Agilent Technology Japan
・Hidetoshi Nakano, NMIJ
・Hiroaki Sakuma, JEMIC
・Hiromi Murata, NITE
・Hisao Nishiyama, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
・Isao Kishimoto, NMIJ
・Jun Ode, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology and Research Institute
・Katsuhiko Setsurakku, Key Techono Co. Ltd.
・Katsumi Yokoi, Agilent Technology Japan
・Katsutoshi Kodaka, Fluke
・Katsuya Sato, NMIJ
・Kazumi Hayakawa, Fluke
・Makoto Sata, Yamari Industries, Ltd.
・Masanori Sakairi, JMIF
・Mitsuo Ishii, Metcal Co., Ltd.
・Naomi Ito, JMIF
・Norio Ishizaki, NITE
・Shigeaki Hatakeyama, JEMIC
・Takashi Sugiyama, JQA
・Takashi Togo, ORIX Rentec
・Takeharu Nishi, Yokogawa Rental & Lease Co.
・Toshihide Ihara, NMIJ
・Tsutomu Tsuchiya
・Yoshiharu Horikawa, JEMIC
・Yoshinobu Kasumi, Yokogawa Electric Corporation
・Yoshitaka Kato, Caltech Co.
・Yukihiro Onzo, JQA

 And many others