NCSL International Japan Region Report 2006

  The 15h Annual NCSLI-Japan Forum was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Ohta-ku Industrial Plaza on November 22, 2006, with nearly 500 attendees. The forum was organized as The Japan Measurement Standards Forum Fourth Symposium, and operated by NCSLI Japan and NMIJ in collaboration, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Other participating organizations were NITE, JAMP, JEMIC, JQA, JMIF, FAA, CERI, JAB, JSA, JEMIMA, JEMA, JEITA, JAPIA, JTM, JMCT, JEMCA, MMRN, TRA. There were two courses of sessions in parallel plus NMIJ Posters Session: one course entitled Accreditation and User Traceability session, another course entitled NCSLI-Japan session.  

 The forum was opened with a greeting message by Mr. Masahiko Yoshida of METI, followed by a keynote speech entitled “Expanding Role of Measurement Standards ? A view through the revision of VIM” by Dr. Hidetaka Imai, NMIJ/AIST, IAJapan/NITE, JCCLS.

There were 18 organizations in the exhibitors hall showing their products and services.

The following papers were presented in the sessions:
Accreditation and User Traceability Session:

  Proceedings around Accreditation for Reference Material Producers
    By Takashi Arai of IAJapan/NITE

  Development of Standard Materials
    By Shinji Uehara, Hiroko Ueno of CERI

  Kick-Off of Japan Accreditation Council
    By Hiromi Murata of IAJapan/NITSE

  Overview of NMIJ Metrology Club
    By Satoshi Nagai of NMIJ/AIST

  A Report of Measurement Standards and National Measurement Institutes in Foreign Countries
    By Hidetoshi Nakano of NMIJ/AIST

  Recent Topics of Measurement Uncertainty in UK, and Introduction of the Uncertainty Seminar for Beginners in Testing
    By Takehito Nakamura of JEMIC

  Radiation Measurement and Traceability in Protection Field
    By Einobu Suzuki of Chiyoda Technol Corporation

  Activities of JCSS Technical WG for New Electrical Field
    By Terumitsu Shirai of JEMIC

NCSLI Japan Session:

  Application of e-trace for Frequency Standard
    By Yoshinobu Kasumi of Yokogawa Electric Corporation

  Realizing the Remote Calibration of Impedance Standards
    By Yasuhiro Nakamura of NMIJ/AIST

  ISO/IEC17025 Calibration DATA Management System
    By Masaru Sanoh of Agilent Technologies International Japan, Ltd.

  Pressure Calibration System of Visual Management
    By Masanobu Suzuki of Yokogawa Rental & Lease Corporation

  Uncertainty Evaluation of the Measurement System Using a YOUDEN Plot
    By Hidekazu Inanaga of Kimmon Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  Development of a High Accuracy Inductive Voltage Divider with High Input Impedance at Wideband Frequency
    By Shintaro Tsutsumi of Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation

  Evaluating the Calibration and Uncertainty of a Standard AC Voltmeter
    By Kazuhiko Maeda of ORIX Rentec Corporation

  Application of Super-ultra-fine Mineral Insulated Thermocouple
    By Jun Ode of Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

The folloing organizations had a booth to show their products and services:

・Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.
・Alpha Electronics Corporation
・Fluke Corporation
・IQUANTUM Corporation
・Japan Association for Metrology Promotion
・Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation
・Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
・Japan Measurement Instruments Federation
・Japan Quality Assurance Organization
・Key Techno Co., Ltd
・National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
・Nippon Netsudenki Seisakusho Co.
・Ohte Giken, Inc.
・ORIX Rentec Corporation
・Rohde&Schwarz Japan K.K.
・Traceability Research Association
・Yamari Industrial Ltd.
・Yokogawa Electric Corporation
The forum was organized by the following dedicated volunteers with many other helpers:

・Akiu Yamazaki, Agilent Technologies International Japan, Ltd.
・Hiroaki Sakuma, JEMIC
・Hiromi Murata, NITE 
・Hisao Nishiyama, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
・Isao Kishimoto, NMIJ
・Jun Ode, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
・Katsuhiko Setsurakku, Key Techono Co. Ltd.
・Katsumi Yokoi, ORIX Rentec Corporation 
・Katsutoshi Kodaka, Fluke
・Katsuya Sato, NMIJ
・Kazumi Hayakawa, Fluke
・Makoto Sata, Yamari Industries, Ltd.
・Masanori Sakairi, JMIF 
・Mitsuo Ishii, Metcal Co., Ltd.
・Naomi Ito, JMIF
・Norio Ishizaki, NITE
・Shigeaki Hatakeyama, JEMIC
・Takashi Sugiyama, JQA
・Takashi Togo, ORIX Rentec
・Takeharu Nishi, Yokogawa Rental & Lease Co.
・Tsutomu Tsuchiya
・Yasuhiro Nakamura, NMIJ/AIST
・Yasusuke Matsumoto, CERI
・Yoshiharu Horikawa, JEMIC 
・Yoshinobu Kasumi, Yokogawa Electric Corporation 
・Yoshitaka Kato, Caltech Co.
・Yukihiro Onzo, JQA 
・Yukinobu Miki, NMIJ/AIST

 And many others