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Kazumi Hayakawa Recognizing the importance of proper and accurate measurements being an inherent necessity for producing excellent industrial products, for which metrology plays an important role, NCSLI-Japan desires to be involved with improving and advancing technical front of and management of Standards, Calibration and Test; and NCSLI-Japan further desires to be able to contribute to the prosperity of the country’s industrial society which has been a leading industrial products producer.

Members of NCSLI-Japan mainly come from organizations that are a supplier of test and measurement instruments, a calibration service provider, and a calibration service receiver. This is a voluntary organization, and we do not necessarily limit the membership to those mentioned above.

We meet semi-regularly and share knowledge and experience in metrology. We also plan and hold an annual technical forum in collaboration with other organizations in metrology field as we consider fit. NCSLI-Japan functions also as Japan Region of NCSL International that is headquartered in the U.S.A.

I would like to invite those who are engaged or have interest in Metrology to become a member of NCSLI-Japan that continues to provide a place for members to learn from each other and to disseminate information through the newly designed web.

November 1, 2004

NCSLI-Japan Chairman
Kazumi Hayakawa

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