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After having been held the technical exhibitions with NCSL Japan branch over seven years from 1992 to 1998, NCSLI-J was established as an organization constructive and unique to Japan on October 8 1999.

Our history, background and the rules are stated in“About NCSLI-J” section on our website.

Our Vision

There are various types of organizations in Japan; however, in the measurement standard field, which provides a platform for industry, they are not always strategic, cooperative and effective. Our goal is to brake down these barriers of each organization, and be able to provide comparable size of services to U.S. NCSLI.

Our Mission

The mission of NCSLI Japan is to support technical and managerial improvement in the field of Measurement Standards, Instrument Calibration, and Test and Measurement. The mission consists of 6 items.

1.  Providing forums (technical exhibitions) for information exchange
2.  Development of standard and recommended guidelines
3.  Issuing publications on Measurement Technology and its management
4.  Promotion of collaborative work by the Member Organizations to solve the common problems
5.  Enlightening and promoting of Measurement Technology, and supporting for related organization
6.  Keeping in cooperation with related organizations abroad (serving as Japan Region of NCSL Notes 1) International)

Notes 1) National Conference of Standards Laboratories

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